Photos From Borno State IDP Bomb Blast

Series of bomb blast happened in 3 locations around Muna Garage area of Maiduguri metropolis, at about 4 am today.

The first location is in Muna Kumbori an unofficial host community camp housing 199 internally displaced persons attacked by three suicide bombers which led to the death of 2 persons.

The second location is Muna Dagalti which was attacked by 1 suicide bomber killing 1 person.

The third location is Muna Bulaya attacked by 1 suicide bomber who was the only casuality.

A total of 5 suicide bombers all male adults were involved in the incidents killing 3 persons.

20 people with different kind of injuries were take care with first aid by Emergency response team and transported to the state specialist hospital while the remains of the dead have been taken to the mortuary.

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