35-Year-Old Woman Gets Electrocuted A Month To Her Wedding (Photo)

Loretta Ewere, a 35-year-old woman got electrocuted in her fiance’s apartment in Idimu area of Lagos state.

Her fiance, Segun Tolani was sorting their power problem when the tragic
incident occurred. Punch metro reports that the couple was set to be married in November after living together for four years.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital after the accident but was rejected and was confirmed dead at the Igando general hospital.

Reports say the accident happened in the early hours of the afternoon on Saturday; Segun had wanted to change his old cable TV decoder and antenna. Unfortunately, when power was restored in the neighbourhood, he discovered he didn’t have electricity in his house. He was advised by his neighbours to call a certified electrician to help with the problem but refused when he thought the bill charged was too steep.

He proceeded to solve the problem by borrowing a wooden ladder and taking matters in his own hands. He called on his wife-to-be, Loretta to assist him in supporting the stability of the ladder as he mounted the electric pole. For support, she had one hand on the wooden ladder and another on the electric pole, little did she know it would be her final action.

Electric pole
While he worked on restoring power, one of the wires fell and landed on the pole resulting in her being flung away by the electric current and hitting her head on a concrete platform.

The neighbours who heard the loud cry of Segun, rushed to the scene to see what the cry for help was for. Every effort to resuscitate the electrocuted Loretta was futile.

Her family members were reported to be devastated by the occurrence as her body was moved into a mortuary.

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